Alti Filter metal filters and filter cells are designed for fine- and coarse-dust separation in special application areas in ventilation and climate control – especially in supply-air systems in industry, and in extracted-air systems for removal of oil and emulsion mist from the air. GEA Delbag metal filter plates and filter cells are used as pre-filters in oil- and emulsion-mist separation, and for sparking protection.

  • Filter Cells CD-P/DEF-20
    Filter Class : G2,G3

    Consist of acrylic or synthetic filter media conteined between two support networks in a frame of galvanized steel or stainless steel.

  • Filter Cells CD-R
    Filter Class : G3,G4
    Consist of synthetic or glass fiber filter media contained in a cardboard frame resistant to 100% humidity which makes incinerated after use with reduced disposal costs.
  • Filter Cells CA-M,CA-MA,CA-MX
    Filter Class : G2,G3
    Metal filter cells for applications with high temperature or as a prefilter in systems with oil or oil mist. More layers of metal sheets stretched in different drilling are arranged between two support networks. The cells are contained in a heavy frame. They can be supplied in three versions: Aluminum (CA-MA), Stainless Steel (CA-MX), Metal Straw (CA-M)
  • Filter Cells F30
    Filter Class : G2,G3
    Filter Cells F30 are the best technical proposal for all industrial applications which require a long life and high efficiency. The Filter Media sole is made from non-woven cotton fibers mixed with synthetic fibers. The carton heavy frame also allows disposal of the filter by burning and being compressible if it can reduce the volume.
  • Filter Cells F90
    Filter Class : F8

    Filter Cells F90 are used primarily as a safety filter to protect operators all those plants where it is necessary to protect against fine dust. The filter media non-woven fabric and its special frame hardcover make it very light and with easy maintenance.

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