The Cartridges Filter Alti Filter are mainly used as filter elements in plants like: Gas Turbines for generating Energy Sources, Laser-Plasma  Cutting, Powder coating, welding, Load-Unload of Silos, cutting and processing of large amounts of material , pneumatic conveying (toner, talc, extinguishers etc ..) and as spare parts for Self-Cleaning Filter (dust collectors counterjet of Compressed Air).
The Filter Cartridges AA can be built with different filter media, such as polyester, polypropylene, micro-glass fibre, Gore-Tex, Cellulose, networks Stainless Steel Aisi 304-316L and paper in various thicknesses and weights.

  • Cartridge Filters
     series DCJ/N
    Filter Class : F8,F9

    Cartridge Filters for Gas Turbine Alti Filter series DCJ / N.
    The insert cartridge can be completely incinerated while the containment structure and support is reused. Available in multiple Filtering media such as cellulose, polyester, polyester antistatic, and meltblown. Designed for applications in high concentrations of pollutants, in order to ensure efficient filtration and separation of dry powders and aerosols. Can be supplied in a wide selection of fasteners, supports standard and equipment versions available.

  • Cartridge Filters
     series FAN
    Filter Class : F6,F7,F8,F9
    Cartridge Filter Alti Filter series FAN
    Cartridge deep folds for dedusting reinforced internal network and / or external depending on the needs. Available in multiple Filtering media as cellulose, polyester, antistatic polyester meltblown and glass fiber. Can be supplied in a wide selection of fasteners, supports standard and equipment versions available.
  • Activated Carbon Filter Cartridges
     series FAN-AKO
    Activated Carbon Filter Cartridges series FAN-AKO
    Filter Cartridges for Gas or deodorization. Available with any type of activated carbon series Akolit and in various sizes.
  • Cartridge Filters in Stainless Steel
     series FAN-X
    Cartridge Filters in Stainless Steel series FAN-X
    Filter Cartridges totally in stainless steel AISI 304 or 316L.
  • High effcienzy Cartridge Filters
     series FAN-Atex
    High effcienzy Cartridge Filters series FAN-Atex
    Atex version of cartridges FAN.
  • Special Cartridge Filters
    series DC-MFA
    Filter Cartridges Filter High series DC-MFA.

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