The InLine Alti Filter EDC-EDM series are safety filter used to protect blowers, high pressure fans, compressors.

Designes for applications in suction side or in over-pressure side till +/- 0,49 bar. Inlet and outlet connections are furnished in a horizontal in-line configuration. All models provide a large filtering area to reduce at the minimum the pressure drop across the filter. Many are the possibilities to install differents filter elements. Standard elements are manufactured with polyester or synthetic filter medium used as pre-filters till to arrive to high efficiency special HEPA filters combined with Activated Carbon. Our staff is able to recommend the most suitable model for your needs.

The InLine Filter EDC series are built in carbon steel treated and painted for outdoor applications.

The InLine Filter EDC-SS e EDMX series are built in stainless steel AISI 304 or higher.


Standard Design :

  • Filter Housing sealed air and gas with support legs.
  • Special versions for rooms with little space.
  • Easy Replacement of filter elements.
  • Opening mechanism Door with arm for the larger models.
  • Infinite possibility of filter elements in single or dual stage filter.

Options :

  • Explosion protected design according to directive 94/9/CE (ATEX).
  • Accessories for monitoring the differential pressure.
  • Suitable for applications with gas with elements combined with Active Carbon.
  • Produced to satisfy the demands of many different installation.