The Hoods Laminar Flow Alti Filter protect under a "laminar flow of ultra-clean air" both operators and the products from the environment by eliminating the possibility of external contamination in work areas are potentially polluting thus allowing to perform any kind of work in absolute sterility.

Be absolutely certain to produce in an environment of complete sterility allows you ALWAYS get every day under identical conditions of quality and safety without fear of any external pollution yet since our "Laminar Flow" will keep not only the coarse dust or insects but amche any type of bacteriology that could ruin our products.

Fields of application :

  • Bottling Food (eg wine, water, spirits, beers, juices, condiments etc ..).
  • Food Production: (eg production of cakes, pizzas, ready meals, vegetables, convenience food, special foods for celiac gluten free etc ..)


Stainless Steel Version

Standard Design :
  • Construction low thickness that allow installation in environments with little space in height.
  • Fans operable independently and in multiples if installed in series in local or production machines in order to have a better management on the air flow.
  • Construction Aluminium, their lightness makes their strength.
  • Replacement of filter elements and access to the fan very simple.
  • Designed to keep the air flow rated independently from clogging the filters installed, which allows in addition to an additional warranty of sterility also a long service life.
  • HEPA or ULPA filters installed in conformity of ISO and FdA laws.

Options :

  • Explosion proof execution complies with Directive 94/9 / EC (ATEX).
  • Controlled by means of speed regulators to manage the flow in environments where they are installed in series.
  • Replacing the HEPA filter from the bottom or top of the hood depending on the type of installation.
  • Special powers available.
  • Silenced for use in noise sensitive environments.
  • Produced in many variations to meet the demands of the most diverse installation.